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Duque's objections to the JEP are a blow to the rule of law: Roy Barreras

After the interview, in "Yamid Question", with Senator U Party, Roy Barreras.

In Colombia, a new party called Colombia Renaciente was created last Thursday and already has legal personality; Who initially directed it: Clara López, Mauricio Cárdenas, Lucho Garzón and Roy Barreras [R] who was asked by the senator to ask Yamid.

What is a new party? [Y] at the beginning of the interview.

R | I'm doing it exactly, yesterday we were invited to birth a new party. Who are the founders of this new party?, Jhon Arley Murillo, representative of Afro House comes from a very beautiful community council that is in the Cauca River called Playa Renaciente, gets his triumph in afro curule, has his party right and Luis Gilberto Murillo, former Minister of Ambiento and the ideologue of this process, in my opinion, had a vision, very positive, to invite all those you mentioned to create a broad front to all the forces that advocate peace and believe that we should not allow Colombia more polarization, but be in the center , let's work together with a clear decision to bet on power in local elections, mayors, governors and also in the 2022 presidential election.

Y | Have the new party been trying for guarantees?

R | Of course, the new party that is Colombia's Renacient, her leaders are John Arley Murillo, former Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo and the Board of Directors of Playa Renaciente, which is the Afro Council of Cauca River.

Y | Are you or will you be a member of this party?

R | We have been invited to expand this wide front and hope that there will be more from other parties.

As far as JEP is concerned, Yamid stated that there is a general statement by the constitutionalists that the objections that President Iván Duque formulated for the Special Peace Court were more objections to the Constitutional Court's decision than to the JEP's own regulation. what do you think?

R | Why it is serious because people think it is an exotic thing is that it is the first time that the President of the Republic objects, ignores the decision of the Constitutional Court, and that today is against peace, tomorrow may be against rights, freedom press and opinion if there is no more brake on the Court […] The objections are not against the articles we approve in the law, they are against expressions, the judgment of the Court of Justice, which, as the prosecutor general said, is res judicata constitutional. This is a blow to the rule of law, which creates enormous legal uncertainty.

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