His body was destroyed on the asphalt: in Santander was a cold and dilapidated end

Macabre and scary was the end of a motorcycle identified as Carlos Alfonso Muñoz Pérez at the age of 39, at events that occurred recently in the nearby Madrid-El Palenque road in the village of Giron, Santander. The authorities are investigating what has happened.

According to the first version of the event, Carlos will ride around 3:30 am in the Ateco motorcycle with the DDX-79B, in the north-south direction of this sector, on arriving at the 11 + 130 kilometer, near the Saceite return, for reasons that are the subject of the investigation, control the moped and hit the tree.

A violent blow immediately ruined his life: his body lay on the separator along with the helmet. Rescuers who came to an emergency could not do anything to revive them. The first rules the authorities have dealt with is Carlos Alfonso leading his motorcycle in a state of intoxication and speeding, but it is all a question of verification.

It is also not excluded that the drop in the track caused Carlos to lose control of rolling to collapse. Lack of witnesses will keep everything in a tense situation. So far, security cameras have been searched for sector to clarify what happened.

Obviously, the victim came to her house, located in the neighborhood of El Reposo de Floridablanca, when the accident occurred. There he lived with his parents, sister and nephews, who learned about two hours after what had happened, and today mourns his departure. He was found to be a native of Rionegro, Santander.

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