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It was the muse of one of Queen's most symbolic songs, Love of My Life. This is one of the many aspects of the life of an unforgettable musician that allows you to watch the successful film "Bohemian Rhapsody" still on film maps.

This is one of the greatest hymns composed of Freddie Mercury. He wrote it in 1975, when almost nobody knew what was an immortal song that moved after 43 years. It was much less known who Mary Austin was, the woman of her life. The love of his life, which is so little known.

A new film about the life of genius rock is about the existence of this woman who lives in London and is now 67 years old. Surrounded by walls, your day is impregnable. Like the mystery he knew how to preserve his great love and eternal friend.

The Bohemian Rhapsody movie is a worldwide success and has managed to recreate this endless love that Mercury himself has immortalized in the love of my life. Austin was born in 1951 and met with an artist only 19 in the Biba store, located in the heart of Kensington, a few meters from the Royal Albert Hall and the classic Harrods. It was in 1970 and he was 24 years old.

Biba was the center where artists, models, and celebrity fashion shows in London were. Excesses were routine. "Breakfast was champagne," according to legends that surrounded this place. There they met the most beautiful women and the most famous musicians. Love was born between Freddie and Mary.

Mary Austin was the daughter of a bad marriage. His father cut fabrics in the shop; his mother was a domestic employee in a small company. His fate would change from work in Biba. And from knowing the leader of the group that has already been successful.

But before that it was not the queen singer who wanted to conquer him. He was his friend and brother Brian May, who was first dazzled by the beauty of a woman. As Mercury trusted, "Are you serious about Mary, can I invite her?" May gave her permission and began to love each other almost silently. Revealed by a guitarist in an interview in 2017.

After six years of Freddie Mercury's life, Mary Austin did not want to go away. Therefore he proposed to be his personal assistant. Among them Jim Hutton, the last couple of Queen singer

After six years of Freddie Mercury's life, Mary Austin did not want to go away. Therefore he proposed to be his personal assistant. Among them Jim Hutton, the last couple of Queen singer

It was six years when both of them lived together. The magical years that Mercury would consider to be their "wife" for the rest of their lives, even if they had never been raised by law. On one occasion, in 1975, they approached to realize that something the artistic mother, Jer Bulsar, had asked forever. He introduced the nuclear ring to her and asked her to marry him. But that was not good.

In those years, Mary discovered the true musical talent and charisma that her partner lost on the stage. Your Love Despite the harassment of the "victim" superstar, he never let her feel away from those moments of glory.

On one occasion she would recall: "When she left the stage, all the girls and their friends surrounded her, I was so busy I started going away and ran after me, telling me: Where are you going?" At that moment, she realized that it's important in the man's life.

But it would end (half, partly) a year after I offered to marry her. The sixth year of cohabitation was in him when he told him he was gay. Part of it was a release. She returned to him honestly, although he loved Mary deeply. She did not know how to deal with this situation, Mercury first told her she was bisexual. But she was straight and honest: "No, Freddie, I do not think you're bisexual. I think you're gay."

They moved. They parted. Although it is not definitive. It's that they still love each other.

They continued together, but this time not like a couple. Freddie still wanted her closer. I needed her all the time. And he still worshiped him. How should we not love the talented, companion and great human being I've lived with for six years and with whom I've learned so much from my life? He came out of being his "wife," that he was his personal assistant. After all, who could you trust more?

Mercury was already a very famous singer and had a lot of money. His sexual affection was known and public and his relationships were open. However, he felt a unique attraction for Austin, which he continued to call "my wife". No one would ever deserve this place.

"All my lovers have asked me why they can not replace Mary, because it's simply impossible," said the queen's leader in an interview. The strap that Freddie felt for her was stronger than any one he thought he might ever have: "We believe in each other, it's enough for me." I could not fall in love with a man the same way I did with Mary.

The same thing happened to the young Austin. He had other relationships, he was trying for another adventure, but none of them had the experience of a man born in Zanzibar in 1946. He lived with the painter Piers Cameron, with two children with him. From the first of his children – Richard – the queen leader would be a godfather. The other would be born if the singer had already died. Eventually Marie separated. The efficacy of Mercury in his life was difficult for his partner.

Freddie Mercury, very reserved, just trusted a small handful of people. Among them was Mary, although they lived together, and each of them had some of their lives. So she also became her confessor and she was one of the few who knew the singer infected HIV. He did not want anyone else to know. There were few people who knew about their illnesses.

Mary was the one who held his hand on the deathbed. He was the one who felt his life go out on November 24, 1991 at the Garden Lodge mansion in London. Freddie (his Freddie) was 45 years old. The last company was the one that took him beyond the borders. When she finally closed her eyes, she was there. That's what they both wanted. The disturbance was complete. Cause of death: a pneumonia he could not escape as a result of his weakened body.

The moons that followed were an inexhaustible storm for Austin. Especially because he did not know what held him with his final love: it was included in his will. But not like someone else. He was the chief benefactor of the queen's leader. In May 1992, the document was published. Freddie Mercury assured her that she would retain half her assets and money. This included Garden Lodge, a mega-estate where Mary still lives.

The division was as follows: for his partner at that time Jim Hutton, about $ 600,000. For Peter Freestone and Joe Fanelli, his assistant and chef, respectively the same character. To his parents, 25 percent of his inheritance, as well as his sister. The rest, for the love of his life.

"The moon after Freddie's death was the most powerful and heaviest in my life. I had a lot of trouble to accept that he was gone and everything he left me," he said in a conversation a few years later.

Those letters that Mercury signed all the time for insured Mary because it included the rights to her songs. The band continues to play and she benefits from the generosity of her ex-boyfriend. In recent years, Queen has exceeded $ 60 million in 365 days. Part of it belongs to her.

The discussion of Freddie's legacy and desire grew larger. The parents of the great artist, however, did not see with bad eyes that he would be the one who would make the most of his son's decision. "Mary was adorable and came to eat in our house, I would have loved them if I got married and had a normal life with my children, but even though they broke up, I knew I still loved my son and that they were friends until the end. I did not see that time, "said Jer Bulsara, Mercury's mother, in an interview with the English daily The Telegraph in 2012.

The journalist, who wanted to go back in 20 years and knew what caused him to know that the main heiress was Austin, asked him, "Did it seem to me that Mary left most of her millionaire's inheritance?" "Why not? She was like her family and she's still," he answered, and cleared his doubts.

But it was not the only thing she had inherited from him. In recent days, Freddie (his Freddie) has also given him a mission. Mary had to spread the ashes of Queen's leader in a secret place and never found out where she had done it.

Mary (her Mary) was fulfilled. As always.

The Love of My Life (1975)

Love for my life, you hurt me

You broke my heart

And now you leave me

Love of my life, do not you see?

Return it back and bring it back

Do not take me away

Because you do not know

What this means to me

Love of my life, do not leave me

You stole my love

And now you will leave me

Love of my life, do not you see?

Return it back and bring it back

Do not take me away

Because you do not know

What this means to me

You will remember

When it's over

And it's all by the way

When I get old

I'll be there on your side

I remind you how I still love you

I still love you

Hurry up hurry back

Do not take me away

Because you do not know

What this means to me

The love of my life

The love of my life


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