MIT: Transferring a high-performance laser into space could attract someone else's life

Are Aliens Real? Astronomers from Harvard they suggested that an unidentified recent object could be a foreign spacecraft exploring Earth and now studying Massachusetts Institute of Technology (HAVE) proposes the use of a high performance laser like "lighthouse"to attract alien life, if it exists in our galaxy.

Investigation HAVE, recently published in Astrophysical Journal, suggests that a 1 to 2 megawatt laser focused on a large telescope (29 to 45 meters) could function as a "planetary portal light"and calls for a potential extraterrestrial life of up to 20,000 light-years.

"This would be a difficult project, but not impossible"said study author James Clark in his statement.

"The types of lasers and telescopes that are built today can produce a detectable signal so the astronomer can see our star and immediately see something unusual in his spectrum. I do not know if the intelligent creatures around the Sun were their first quarrel, but it would certainly attract more attention"

The laser beam, according to Clark, was out of solar energy and could be used to send short messages through "impulses", like Morse code.

Of course, there must be extraterrestrial life to get a signal.

Around TRAPPIST-1b, a star about 40 light years away, there are three exoplanets (planets orbiting a star outside of our solar system) that are potentially residential.

The laser lighthouse for alien life should be built on a mountain, according to Clark, in order to minimize the amount of atmosphere the beam should pass before it shines in space.

"Oumuamua"Did the alien life come near Earth?

"Oumuamua"It is the first known interstellar object that has entered our solar system and appeared in October 2017 by a telescope system in Hawaii after the investigation found that"Oumuamua"It was not a comet, many have taken on Twitter to share their thoughts that this object is actually a sign of extraterrestrial life.

In the new article, scientists from Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics They picked up this option.

""Oumuamua" can be a fully functional probe that the Alien has deliberately sent to civilization"wrote the scientists in an article that was sent to the magazine Astrophysical Journal Letters,

Researchers from Harvard suggest that "Oumuamua"It could be a solar sail,"floating in interstellar space, such as remnants of technological devices"

But other experts in astronomy do not agree. Alan Jackson, by Planetary Science Center from University of Toronto Scarborough, published in March an article that suggests that "Oumuamua"It looks like an asteroid or a comet, not a solar sail created by a two-star system.

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