Multimillionaire Legacy by Stan Lee

Legendary writer and former Marvel comedian editor, Stan Lee, died at the beginning of the week at the age of 95; However, the heritage left in the world of entertainment will last in collective imagination.

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With characters like Spider-Man, Hulk O Iron Man, the universe Marvel, besides creating attractive content for different audiences, Stan Lee It was a money-making machine, because the characters that formed together managed to connect with various fan generations.

According to data from Box Office Mojo, the ribbon that was the best cash dividend Avengers with $ 4.97 billion.

Even this event raises great interest in the next film The Avengers 4, which, in addition to the story that is developing, became the famous portal in which he was used to see read, will be a mystery for the solution.

Also the development of the characters that were created together read They have managed to overcome the time barrier, several generations have grown up with those people who pose various personal problems who are also fortunate / unhappy that they are superheroes.

That's the reason why Stan Lee it has become a money making machine so that ordinary people become extraordinary beings.

Legacy of Stan Lee

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