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Nacional leaves to seal its classification before the Envigado

The national team could now expand to 38 historic records of victory over Envigado, or vice versa, the orange team will surprise verdolagy and reach its victory of 18 when they stand against each other, from 19:00, on Day 19 in League Águila -1.

The visit comes with a great emotional release after winning over DIM and America and motivated to win a place among the eight in the absence of a game with Santa Fe.

Squadron Flyer Pablo Ceppelini He made sure that the group had left a discrepancy and was mentalized in the classification. "It will not be a simple game, but I think we have improved and we must ratify it with the support of our people who accompany us on all the matches."

Hernán Barcos, who scored in the game against America, says it is better to make sure before the last date, so you can't give the benefits.

“We must add three points to the Envigado, which will allow us to maintain a positive lane and achieve classification. It was against teams that are not well on the table, but we thought about this and we have a mentality to continue to grow, "said the Argentinean shooter.

Technician Paulo Autuori it was clear, and despite the victory before DIM and America, they said it would only be satisfied if National did not slip with "small stones" referring to equipment that does not have a good gift because it does not like to refer to large or small rivals.

"Envigado plays good football, and that's dangerous, also comes from a very good game against Equity."

The Brazilian coach also called on his players to take the game in the same way because you can't play very well and win against the higher parchment rivals and lose to Rionegro, as happened on day 17.

Already with the whole staff he thanked the leadership of the young people and promised not to forget them.

"We had boys from 17 and 18 and played very well." Now a man like Alexis, a captain and a lot of experience has returned, but I'm also aware of what he did Nicolás Hernández and here they will continue to have opportunities because we continue the league and later we have South America and Copa Águila ”. In the international tournament, the competition will start in the week of May 21 (it will still define the opponent) and the cup will enter the eighth.

Saving at home is an orange target

Envigado, unlike what is happening with the Nacional, also needs to add, but not enter 8, but get away from descent. Coach Eduardo Lara is looking for the regularity of a group full of youth that allows him to perform a better campaign in the second semester.

At this point, the orange club liked the triumph of the last day against Equity (0-1). However, the team will not win at their stadium from date 8 (March 3) when they beat America 4-1.

"Boys are very motivated to face a team like Nacional, and we have to use it." I'm sure there is quality in this group and we can make a good match, ”said coach Lara.

For a classic 75 against green, Envigado members believe that with "good ball handling and concentration in 90 minutes we can achieve a good result," said Jairo Palomino, a former rod pursuer. The last duel between the two was 3-1 in favor of the Nacional, on September 16, 2018, the game played at Atanasio. While in the last year the Green Club visited the Sports Center, the duel ended 2-2, March 25, also last year with Yeison Guzman and Wilfrido de la Rosa, for Orange and Gustavo Torres and Aldo Leao Ramirez, Nacional.

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