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Samsung plans to produce a smartphone with both-sided canvas front and back, according to its new patent

In 2016 Samsung filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which came almost at the same time as the patent, which assumed the arrival of Galaxy Fold, and which recently brought several headaches to the company. This patent also presented us with an unusual design, whose main feature was the integration of a wrapping cloth that covered the phone at the front and at the back.

Finally, this pantente was awarded to Samsung and now we can know more about this curious design double-sided smartphone with one screen, which offers not only a distinctive design, but also features that use this format.

"Full Screen" takes on a new meaning

According to the patent, we would be a smartphone with a continuous front panel that extends behind the devicepassing through the top of the frame area also serves to display certain functions or applications. Something very similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, which allowed you to have quick access and other features right on the side where the screen was doubled.

If we rely on pictures, we won't face a "full screen" device, but rather at the bottom we would have a screen-free area that would be used to hold iteven if we go because it is a patent, there is still nothing written.

Samsung Toestel

The most attractive of this proposal would be its features that are expected in the same patent where they show us possible real-time translation applicationswhere two people could chat, each in their own language, while the other would see a translation in their language on the screen.

The second is something we have already seen, which is use your smartphone as a mirror while we take pictures, The only touch on the screen we could also change the apps, because there would be no front or back, because both functions would serve the same functions.

Bedinging Smartphone

You have to keep in mind that the idea of ​​having two screens, front and back, is not new. However, the idea of ​​Samsung s the only flexible OLED screen that covers both areas of the phoneYes it is.

As I mentioned, this proposal comes from a patent and is not sure that it will become a reality in the future, but it can help us figure out what the company is planning within flexible screens for smartphones, a company in which it has been operating for several years. ,

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