The Estéreo bomb and its struggle to preserve the planet

Colombian Bomba Estéreo has launched a campaign to help raise awareness of the planet and stop deforestation in the country, especially in the Amazon.

The Success Project supports the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Humboldt Institute, the National Nature Parks, the Conservation and Sustainable Development Foundation, the Dejusticia Corporation, the Gaia Amazonas Foundation, the Great Alliance Against Deforestation, Infoamazon, Seed Water, Brand Country and Grupo Éxito.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness and support the change in citizenship in relation to nature to preserve, use as a campaign the hashtag phrase #SiembraConciencia, which has been joined by various opinion leaders to support the dissemination of the campaign,

"Musical effort to stop deforestation in Colombia," Bomba Estéreo members define the campaign they have carried out to raise awareness among all citizens of the urgent need to care for natural resources.

"We want to use our voice to create a space for reflection, a call for action and raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection in Colombia, aimed at reviving our nature," says Simón Mejía, who explained that the campaign was born as a way to use music , which she gave to the planet.

"We made a payment in Sierra Nevada a year ago to record our Ayo album, which is where the song" Siembra "comes from, opening our new album, and we have realized from that moment that we are giving back what music is doing to us and projects that are helping to reduce the impact that humans make on Earth, "explains Meij.

The musician says that the struggle to restore the environment has become a life project for members of the group and for all who accompany them. "Once you re-connect with nature and realize that each and every one of our activities has an environmental response, life and habits are changing."

The first aim of the sowing project is to raise awareness of the serious problem of deforestation that exists in Colombia. According to the latest data published by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), Colombia lost nearly 220,000 hectares of natural forest in 2017, more than 65% of it in the Amazon, an area, says the Foundation for Conservation and Sustainable Development ) is a vital area and fulfills a vital function in the ecological cycles of the entire planet.

In addition, deforestation contributes to an accelerated increase in global warming, which can mean complete snow and glaciers, threatens to lose 75% of the vapors in Colombia, causing soil cycle damage and biodiversity loss,

In view of this situation, the Siembra project proposes a number of events that include tree planting and ecological campaigning during a concert tour of Colombia that will start on December 31 at Costeño Beach in Palomino, where the band will participate in the format of the dj set, Bomb Estéreo Sound System.

The group and Grupo Éxito will introduce a sowing tour that begins on January 26 in San José del Guaviare with a single free concert, followed by a presentation in Medellin (Feb. 2); Bogotá (February 9); Bucaramanga (February 16) and Barranquilla (February 23). Advance ticket sales start on November 16 with a 30% discount.

With parts of the funds raised for the concert tour, and together with the Foundation for Conservation and Sustainable Development, the group will support the creation of a nursery in the Guaviare Department, one of the areas where Dejusticia has more accelerating deforestation with Meta and Antioquia. Only in 2017, according to the Ideam study, more than 38,000 hectares have been afforested in the region.

Besides the hand of national parks, it will work on ecological renewal in wildlife ecosystems and the Flora Cienaga Grande Santa Marta and the Vía Parque of Salamanca Island, carrying out reconstruction processes using manual pipe cleaning to allow freshwater into mangroves as well as planting and dispersing mangroves, waste collection and workshops focusing on environmental education with local communities.

The strategy will also include beach cleaning days, garbage collection and expeditions to nature parks and protected sites to raise awareness of the importance of their protection. The first day of planting will take place at the end of November in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where it is expected that 1,500 new trees will be left in the El Zoo Nature Reserve with the support of Agua Siembra.

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