The Samsung foldable phone could cost over $ 1,700

Less than one week It is Samsung will show you the lead folding phone, a new report from South Korea has indicated she knows the final name from equipment, price and start date.

According to Engadget, there are industry resources Agency from Yonhap News suggest that telephone will be called "Galaxy F", the name mentioned above, together with"Galaxy X"and it will be released in March, approximately one month after Galaxy S10, licensed devices 5G

Also this device will not be cheap because Yonhap believes that flexible phone It will be a exclusive facilities it could happen a thousand $ 770, although it adds that the company has not solved the price.

Last week CEO his mobile divisionsDJ Koh said he planned to supply one million folding devices by 2019. So far, only one prototype has appeared, which looks like a normal (though bulky) smartphone until it looks like a book 7.3 inches It works like a tablet.

The "Infinity Flex"use technology from bent from panels, along with the new one protective layer a a advanced polymer what is flexible and durable. When it comes to success, it can lead to more folding equipment companies, including rumored folding phone Note and flexi-laptop screens.


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