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They found the lost manuscript "La Naranja Mecánica"

A professor of modern literature has made an impressive finding by finding the following "Mechanical Orange" popularized by Kubrick.

Mechanical orange, the 1962 writer Anthony Burgess's and popularized Big Stanley Kubrick at the cinema, it now seems to have a continuation.

It's all because an English professor has found a lost manuscript that tells the story of Alex DeLarge and his gang.

Andrew Biswell is appointed professor of modern literature at the Metropolitan University of Manchester, who found this text on 200 pages.

The mechanical orange is not over yet

The manuscript found by Mr. Biswell is called "Mechanical state".

According to literature professor, this extremely unpublished sequel "La Naranja Mecánica" sheds new light on Burgess, Kubrick.

Except for the notorious novel.

The work describes the 1970s as "hell", in which human beings are reduced to the state of programs or machine devices, and "seek escape to the insipid status neutrality in which they are". ,

Burgess wrote the unfinished manuscript Mechanical Status in 1972 and 1973, after the adaptation of "Mechanical Orange" Kubrick in 1971.

The author of "La Naranja Mecánica" explained at some point how he managed to call his work.

It would be a grandfather who wouldn't want to mark a priest as a homosexual at the bar and use the phrase that is the title of the film.


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