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Toyota Hilux Special Edition 2019: Equipment and Details

At the Birmingham Commercial Vehicles Show – a lounge with a segmental meaning – Toyota introduced a new special edition of its reference pick-up. Specifically, they submitted Special edition of Toyota Hilux, a car that will somehow bring us to the present American pick-up philosophy: products with a wide range of equipment and high status. It is a car they could well replace the SUV or salon with an even stronger image. This special edition of Toyota Hilux will be sold in Western Europe, but its prices for the Spanish market have not yet been announced.

Only will be sold with extended cabs and double cabs, not with a spatial job. Some of his novelties, on the aesthetic front, are dark calender as outline of fog lights or mirrors. The rear of the car has a darker chrome bumper. The tires are 18 inches, similar to other top-of-the-line Toyota Hilux versions. The photo unit creates a nice contrast between white body color and black detail – it can also be ordered in different colors.

Toyota launches this Hilux to attract those customers who see pick-ups as the "lifestyle" of a car, not as a working car.

The pick-up interior is a very pleasant place for long trips. The seats are black leather, with a light edge. Dark plastic inserts – the famous black piano – bring satin touch cabinwithout being too ubiquitous. They surround the center console, aerator, door or shifting parts. Also, the steering wheel has clear dark plastic banknotes. Instrumentation is specificand the Special Edition logo appears on the on-board computer's TFT screen. Even the pick-up key has unique details.

At the mechanical level, the Toyota Hilux remains unchanged compared to others. Although it is most expensive and equipped in a row – it has a wide range of active security systems and a 7-inch information system – the special edition shares the engine with the rest of Hilux. We're talking about it 150-horsepower turbo diesel that transfers its power to four wheels via a 4 × 4 attachable systemassociated with manual or automatic change. If you are interested in getting the best deals on Toyota Hilux, see what car I am buying. We can also offer you the best-pick-up purchase guide at any given time.

With its gearbox, chassis chassis, rigid rear axle and 4×4 attachable system, it's the right bitumen animal.

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