"With regard to sustainable construction, Armenia has great opportunities": Alexánder Gonzalez La Crónica del Quindío

The expert talked about the possibilities of finding a balance between cities and environmental care.

With great help, the Forum "Challenges and Challenges of Sustainable Construction" took place in the auditorium of the Quindío Energy Company, Edeq.

Within the forum "Challenges and Challenges of Sustainable Construction" -Organized Camacol and University of La Gran Colombia– Alexánder González Castaño, a Doctor of Architecture and Urban Planning, in an interview with LA CRÓNICA, explained that while major cities are important challenges, Armenia has good opportunities to realize sustainable construction,

"There are opportunities in Quindío. What I was trying to say is that it took 15 years in Medellin to get what we have, and Armenia should not last so long and use direct transfers, advances, a norm, what Camacol contributes and guilds move forward very quickly, "

He added: "It's easier build on what they have, The impacts on the environment here are not as high or obvious due to the size of the city and its context. You must understand that there is a very important challenge here"

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González Castaño explained it in the case of Medellin they already have an environmental warning such as air quality, the impact of the city on noise, pollution and now have to rehabilitate the capital of Antioquia.

"Small and growing cities have the opportunity to have a lot of development, not that it is the same level that resembles large population centers, but right now they are starting to use good practices in land management, building regulation, and benefit from experience and benefits. In this sense, lI have a lot more faith in Armenia than what we still have to do in Medellin"

The Doctor in Architecture and Urbanism explained that in the realization of a public sustainable construction policy, initially worked on the issues of professional design and advanced first in the field of counseling and counseling. They are currently working on the design of sustainable projects.

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"We are developing politics with the Pontifical Bolivarian University and the metropolitan area of ​​the Aburra Valley, which has created a broad framework to support this type of construction. The process has been integrated into Camacol Antioquia, more than 40 construction companies and other actors as state entities, management. "

Gloria Milena Arango, manager of Camacol Armenia, said that it must definitely focus on sustainability"We can not think about building a city if we do not think about the environment and what we are looking for is to use all the new alternatives and conditions that exist and to formulate the law. We can not ignore the fact that we have to comply with the regulation and on that basis we must have clear rules so we can go forward"

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He explained it Part of the thought that has remained from the meeting is that there are many possibilities, so they will try to get the public sector aware that the actions that need to be followed take place together.

"There are interesting projects in the field of demolition of construction demolition waste presented by Greco. This project could do so, but we do not even have a place where we could make a final disposal. That is why we need to make it clear"

José Gregorio Vallejo Toro, Dean of the Faculty Architecture from University of Great Columbia ArmeniaHe announced it the forum has shown that more companies and experts with best practices, which shows that there is an important critical mass that brings about a change of conscience in terms of environmental responsibility, natural resources and the provision of quality projects in the medium and long term.

Forest renewal and water protection

Another important point in the forum was the work he did Quindío Competitive Corporation with your program & # 39;Restoring forests to preserve life"

Clara Luz said Giraldo Jaramillo, a program spokesman the aim of the project is to lay off 200 hectares over a period of four years in the central and upper parts of the Quindío and Roble, where the main aqueducts and microwave ovens are supplied.

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"In this first phase We can already show the important results we have achieved with an investment of more than $ 100 million, means that entrepreneurs from different economic sectors of society have decided to contribute voluntarily to the realization of the dream of providing this generation and those who come to a sustainable department where the living standards are getting better, "he said.

Giraldo Jaramillo emphasized this the project was completed by 24% and that 48.3 hectares planted 5 466 forest species of 67 natural species, Municipalities benefit with the first phase being Salento, Buenavista, Córdoba and Calarcá.

Sustainability pact signed by Armenia

The participants who participated in the forum were signing Sustainability Pact for Armenia, Dean Faculty of Architecture explained that the agreement remains compromises in training, practice, training, on-the-spot control, greater use of the efficiency mechanism, how to be more careful at the design and planning stage before starting building processes.

"A bet on this pact is for Armenia to make a very solid future be a region where you do not talk about negative things about the development of your territory or guild of construction or the architectural and engineering sector, but on the contrary, it is possible to prove that the quindian capital is based on a sustainable, efficient and green building in accordance with the beautiful landscape we have. "


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