YouTube is coming to Switch and Netflix will say goodbye to Wii

After completing the platform streaming Hulu for selected regions, YouTube is the second video application that landed on the Nintendo Switch eShop globally. The free download has a weight of 89 MB and supports traditional controls using Joy-Con and Pro drivers as well as touch screens via a hybrid console.

App design is not much different from what we find in other consoles such as PlayStation 4, and users do not need access to Nintendo Switch Online. Before this surprise, are there many, if not all, those who ask themselves when Netflix? The switch does not know much about it, but about the familiar home console 12 years ago.

Netflix recently announced to its users by mail that Nintendo will suspend all services streaming for Wii, Netflix, and YouTube included after January 31, 2019. The report ends: "We hope you will soon enjoy an even better Netflix experience with other features on compatible devices."

If it might be a wink on the switch, it remains to be seen, but the fact is that at that time the Wii was the most popular video game console for watching Netflix (dethroned by PS3), so it's only natural that the company streaming be sure to refer to the latest Nintendo system, which also offers home and portable benefits.

Source: Nintendo Europa Twitter, Reddit

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