A specialist in five days did not find a bear in Wallachia. An attempt to capture the beast does not end – CT24 – Czech Television

Lukáš Pavlačík from the king's horse safari trail between Vsetín and Velké Karlovice without success for five days. The bear does not return to places where it has already been damaged, and it is harder to trace it. At present it seems to be in the Vsetín region, but it can be tens of kilometers per night.

The bear's capture must meet strict conditions, otherwise it could be mortally threatened by both the shooter himself and the bear. For example, a veterinarian has to fire from an annoying rifle from an elevated position. "The bear will not feel so much when I'm up. She will not feel me. The shot is ideal to run within a distance of about 30 meters, "Pavlacik said on Monday.

Due to work duties on Friday from Vsetín, the nature preservers will try to get another expert to sleep in wildlife.

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