Apple's value fell by more than a trillion a day. Drops the US stock markets Companies and Markets

New York America's shares in the pool sank sharply with technology and finance businesses. The technology company Apple and Goldman Sachs Bank were the major contributors to the decline. The Dow Jones index, which includes the stock of twenty-first US businesses, lost 2.32 percent, more than 600 points, and traded at 25,387.18. ir index of the S & P 500 fell by 1.97 percent to 2726.22 points and the Nasdaq Composite index of technology fell even by 2.78 percent to 7200.87 points.

Apple's shares fell 5 percent in response to a two-supplier forecast. That's the value of the company's worth of over $ 50 billion (in a pept of more than 1.1 trillion crowns). Apple shows the death, said analyst Randy Frederick of Schwab. Whenever Apple, for whatever reason, has the feeling that it will impact on the technology companies, he added.

Apple's shares fell sharply, as Lumentum Holdings and Japan Display worsened their insights. Both companies will supply Apple with Apple Records for its iPhone phones. Lumentum reported that one of the main contractors had filed a snip. She did not say anything about whether or not she was the first Apple.

Goldman Sachs shares also recorded a sharp decline in the stock. Zashla is the first Bloomberg agency, according to the Malaysian government, asking for all the fees that the company has paid for the security transactions related to the 1MDB problem fund.

The shares of the General Electric (GE) industrial conglomerate were sharply down. Larry Culp, General Manager, said Monday that GE is over-indebted and is forced to sell some assets because of his dream.

In the foreign exchange market, the dollar has fallen and at its peak of 16msn. These are the prospects for United States interest rates and political risks in Europe.

Euro VI dollar was about US $ 1.1220 at around 22:00 SE, British pound shrinking about 0.9 percent to 1.2850 USD. The investors are concerned about the dispute between the Italian state and the European Commission, as well as about the departure of Britnie from the European Union without reaching agreement.

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