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Brožová in the hospital: This will not forget this death!

"I've experienced a shock. I have been feeling a little moving pain and pressure in my left face lately. Up, down, into my sleep … into my ear. From the eights that were without finding. On the highway, I turned it to Thomayer Hospital, calling there and literally sending me to death that it ends at 22.30, let me go to Spalena Street, "Brozova by

"I'm calling there and drunk, arrogant gatekeepers do not bother and come. I flew desperate, would give anything to help me out of the pain. And there was a single office full of people, half of whom came in. After two hours of waiting in crazy Luckily, I was relieved by the doctor, she gave me an injection, but other treatments await me, ”said the actress, and then complained about contemporary health care.

"I don't want to cry … Just people, the only dental emergency surgery in Prague and its surroundings ??? !!! There were also people from Chomutov, Kladno. This is the state of our healthcare. I pay for private prevention and doctors when I need and go to the doctor only when necessary. I pay compulsory insurance as any. This was a terrible experience and I am writing to warn and warn, "Brozova said on the web.

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