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Can I spit the Lance out of a goal? I have a zero myself, Jagr laughed

The hockey players of Kladno, who managed to win 4: 1 on the ice of Jihlava, won the very successful entry into the first-league play-off semifinal series. The playing owner of the Central Bohemian club Jaromir Jagr enjoyed the sovereignness of the Knights to their first success, but also warned that on Saturday everything could be completely different.

Kladno presented themselves in the Vysočina Region with concentrated performance. Two-thirds were a better team, in the third twenty-minute they were just watching a three-point lead. They were rewarded for the fifth attempt by the first win against the winner of the regular season.

But Jagr did not want to comment on the unexpected superiority of Kladno. "I'm not really looking at who played around. I focus on our team and on us. What we'll do next. It's just chess. And that you won unequivocally today doesn't mean it can't be the other way around tomorrow "That's just it. I am already experienced enough to know that you will win eight days a day and you can get eight of them the next day," Jagr told CTK and Sport.

Yet the Knight had to feel that they were going in the right direction. "But the next time they will play far better than they do today. Let's see what's going on. But of course it's encouragement, it's definitely nice to win the game outside and still in Jihlava. Still, you have to win four games to advance on, "said Jagr.

The cornerstone of success was the goal at the beginning, when Tomas Redlich hit after 46 seconds of the game. "Sure, that helped us a lot. Goal in the second substitution, then we gave the other one. We made one mistake and put them back in the game, but then I think we checked it," said Jagr.

Moreover, the Knights could rely on the excellent performance of Lukáš Cikánek in the goal area. "He caught up well," Jagr said. He did not worry about the turbulent atmosphere at the Horácko Winter Stadium, which was attended by almost six and a half thousand spectators. "I'm not doing it. We have a goal and I focus on it," said Jagr.

Knights do not rely on one strike formation, but have productivity spread across the entire team. "It's so composed, and that's how we wanted it to be. It was supposed to be from the beginning. If it works out or not, it will be seen," said Jagr.

So far, the bet on this card is paying off to Kladno. In the previous round, the Knights of Přerov finished 4: 1 on the matches, now they have a favorite Jihlava against each other and have stepped forward in the series.

"We haven't done much in this respect in the season because we had a lot of injured, but on the other hand, no one expected anything from us because they thought we were playing h …. We weren't often complete so it was sometimes hard even We'll see how it goes on, "said Jagr.

At the end of the second period, the match was adorned with a great match with Tomáš Plekanc, whose ending was, however, greatly covered by the Jihlava goalkeeper Niklas Lundström. "Can I fuck him when I have one big zero in the playoffs?" he laughed with reference to the scored goal box Jagr, who had two final passes for four knockout matches. "I really can't say 'give a goal' to anyone, 'he added with a smile.

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