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COMMENT: Big Jaromir Jagr at the Great Wall of China. Can't it?

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It was as follows – Jaromír Jágr, a national hero, first brought his Kladno back to an extraleague with a beard of a Viking warrior, but then he had to go to China, so he shaved and trimmed to avoid offending anyone … And instead of jersey with wearing 68 with a suit! He humiliated himself. Discredited.

Is it absurd? Sure, ready-made chic shop, but you could have read this and more vigorous things in the last few days.

As part of the presidential delegation, Jaromir Jagr went to the world's most populous country – and may the situation be as black and white as the self-proclaimed truth interpreters see it.

When Jagr does something, it will awaken. A generation of compatriots is growing up with him, he is an idol, a godlike figure.

Jagr became the Chinese hockey ambassador. It may also be the face of the Olympic tournament

“Model presents a Czech American story about how a Hnidous boy came to happiness. It fits perfectly into the Czech national popular mythology, which is manifested by the Czech Honza, who conquered the world with empty hands, ”a media sociologist Jaromír Volek explained to MF DNES years ago.

So good – Jagr was in China. First and foremost, this country is hard to avoid. Then everything is more complicated.

Most of those who have ever had a Chinese visa (including the author of the text) on their passport have probably asked a lot of questions before they leave, and there are no answers to them. You are fascinated by many things on the spot and annoyed by many of them, you staring admiringly for a while, sometimes in disgust.

Jagr went to China as a hockey promoter – and it is quite legitimate to ask what such a role involves (that is, when you laugh at the thought that for the pleasure of the President he has dropped his beard, as if overgrown chin was a defective element, wasn't it).

Sport is so powerful today that it is a great chance for China to increase its "soft power", the international power not only expressed by money. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, the world's best basketball players, including the US superstars, will come to the World Championships in September, tennis players to the Middle Kingdom go to earn years.

The extremely rich NBA and NHL leagues want to expand here, ideally with competitive duels. Indeed, Wayne Gretzky was given the symbolic plaque of the Chinese hockey ambassador before Jagr.

Who does not want to, certainly does not have to come here. You can pull out valid and wild arguments, moral and moralizing. At the same time, it is not too democratic to decide for Jagr (Gretzki, Federer, etc.) about where or not to go.

They are doing business – real, not more proclaimed as in the case of the Czech-Chinese trade balance – and at the same time use a unique opportunity to reach even tens of millions of applicants for their industry.

"Who ever played or looked at hockey must agree with me and say that this is one of the most beautiful sports. I really think they deserve more popularity around the world. And I'll do my best to make it happen, ”said Jagr.

There's no need to paint a halo. As the owner of Kladno hockey, he wants to get new sponsors, especially when he repeatedly states that it is not easy to work in his position (too recently, Jagr was the face of Huawei's big Chinese company, which is not exactly happy times). At the same time, they are not – and probably never will be – to find evidence that he would bend his back and brag about the Chinese regime.

Even his most famous successor, David Pastrňák, has visited the country more than once and it is not known that he would start to despise work in America or that he wanted to play for Red Star Kunlun. Last year, Pastrňák made a festive film at the Great Wall with his Boston Bruins partners, just like Jagr.

And they were neither the first nor the last.

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