CT is filming comic crimes from the creator of Kosma. Criminals prosecute Three Policemen and Infant – ČT24 – Czech Television

"Three cop and a baby is a family comic detective, which differs from almost everyone else. You murder to look at it, our detectives usually do not go to the scene of a horned action, but with a stroller and a service weapon instead of forgetting a pacifier and a sunbathe. Yet they also experience dramatic stories, and yet, or that is why justice and love always win, "he told Tomáš Baldýnský.

For Czech TV, he has written a comedy series Kosmo two years ago. The satirical story of the journey of Czechs into the universe was directed by Jan Bártek, who also takes over the direction of the Three Polls and babies. His co-director Radka Bajgar can see CT viewers as the creator of the Water Invisible series.

"Domestic Czech Stories"

In the new crime series, as in every proper detective, the drug dealers, masked robbers and criminals of all kinds will not be missing in the new crime series, but they will not be nervous by raging crimes. Rather about "domestic Czech stories".

"It all starts with the fact that my character Karel Mlejnek – the head of the regional crime scene – gets into a break-even life situation and goes into retirement. The family would like to see him as a resting grandfather who cares about his grandchild and rides a stroller for peaceful walks. But it is too much for him and is constantly assembling his former colleagues into investigations, "he told his serial character Svatopluk Skopal.

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