Drsňák Sýkora! He got a kick, played with a bullet. Then he heard why it was not a penalty

Slavia injuries have been hurt since the beginning of the season. For example, coach Jindřich Trpišovský lacked three stable support last Thursday. The Sunday derby races for an important match completely eliminated Vladimír Coufál with Ondrej Kúda, Josef Hušbauer he stayed on the bench.

Slavia was better than her Danish rival, but at the end of the game she missed something for ninety minutes. One of the promising positions was scored in the 37th minute when Peter Olayink's defense of Copenhagen was on his left. He was housed in the lime, where the ball fell to Jaromir Zmrhal, whose shot fell to the corner.

Still before, he was trying to get to the flying ball, but despite the defending pair Gregus-Bjelland was not eligible. While the Slovak midfielder played the balloon, the Danish stoper hit a stitched six-piece kick in the head.

Jan Sýkora took off the ugly bump at the left eye

Jan Sýkora took off the ugly bump at the left eye

Skykora had a couple of scuffes for the field, and Gjelland was immediately gesticated for the tactical clearances. However, the 24-year-old mistress admirably cracked, though the look at the distinctive bulge at the left eye was not at all pleasant.

"The Copan player went his foot there, my head. According to the referee, I had it low, but I have not seen it yet. Somehow I ran, "said Sýkora after the game. He had a bloody curse, but it was not a stitch. "There's just blood," he said.

So, Slavia could have kicked a penal penalty after this action in the penalty area? Siekora did not make the assessment. "The referee did not want to whistle, I think my head was low. I will trust him, "he told the verdict of Finnish Judge Gestranius.

He was also out in the last few weeks due to injuries, and he was in the base line for the last time at the beginning of September in the league with Pilsen. As an alternate, he jumped against the Dukla even in a derby at Sparta, and on Thursday, in the absence of Josef Hušbauer, he moved up to eleven elected.

Copenhagen did not allow anything. But we were supposed to win, sorry for Sikor

Sýkora: We were furious, everything was going to be solved very quickly

You were able to score 0: 0 with Copenhagen. Is it a two-point loss?
"On the one hand, we have to say the other against which opponent we played. The point at the end of the group will be useful. We must not be greedy. We know that there are reserves that we have to make more of the match. But it's still Copenhagen, it's not a fourth-class team. We have to take it. "

The procedure is still quite close, right? If St. Petersburg defeated Copenhagen, you will need a point.
"It is definitely close to it, but we must not think if St Petersburg beats Copenhagen. We have to look at each other, concentrate on the next game and want to win it. Depending on it, everything will develop. "

Were you surprised that Copenhagen did not push so far forward?
"Our defensive four played great, even with Suk (Tomas Soucek). We did not let them go. They probably wanted to have hints, but the defensive four solved it well. Hats off."

Copenhagen, on the other hand, pushed you in, but you did not have the chance to get it. What was the main problem in the final phase?
"I think we were a lot of cripples. In some situations, we had to keep more calm, hold the ball and not throw it right into the lime. It was mainly about peace, we wanted to solve it very quickly. "

After a long time, you were in the base line. How did you play?
"I'm glad I got a chance in such a match in the base game. I felt good, but it will take a while before I get 100% off. I'm glad I played such a part of the game at such a pace. Let's see. "

Is there a great relief when you can help the team again?
"It's super. It's crazy on the bench or the stand. I waited patiently, trained. I was hoping to play in the base. I'm glad the coaches gave me a chance now. "

For the first time on the bench you were in Copenhagen. Did you suffer there?
"No, I was glad I could be at least on the bench. I was fresh after the injury, I was not running, nothing. I tried to help the boys and I was patient. "

Is the pause still known to you?
"It's to know. On the other hand, when a man jumps for twenty-thirty minutes, as he gets in, he breathes. Then two matches are enough and it's good. "

In addition, matches go fast, not much time to train …
"It's just a fuck. One can not add the way he wants because he does not know if they will board in three days or not. This is stupid in this. But I'm glad I've done the minute I've done. "


Homemade: O. Kolar – Frydrych, Deli, Ngadeu, Bořil – T. Souček, Traoré – Stoch, Sýkora (79. Baluta), Zmrhal (79. Milan Škoda) – Olayinka.

Guests: Andersen – P. Ankersen, Vavro, Bjelland, Boilesen (36. Bengtsson) – Skov (64. Thomsen), Gregus, Zeca, Falk (79. Wind) – N'Doye, Sotiriou.


Homemade: Kovář, Hušbauer, Zeleny, Matoušek, Baluta, Skoda

Guests: Joronen, Bengtsson, Holse, Wind, Papagiannopoulos, Kvist, Thomsen


Homemade: Ngadeu, Bořil

Guests: N'Doye


Gestranius – Munukka, Antamo


Eden Arena, Prague-Vrsovice

Group C


St. Petersburg
4 2 2 0 5: 3 8

4 2 1 1 2: 1 7

FC Copenhagen
4 1 2 1 3: 3 5

4 0 1 3 3: 6 1

I had to get used to Slavie's great defense, Kolar smiles

The defense was excellent, but we lacked the Koodla kick-off. The standards are terrible, Trpišovský said

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