Ebola claimed more than 200 lives in the Congo

The Congolese Ministry of Health reported in the latest report that 201 people died and another 291 people were infected with bleeding fever. The doctors have been able to inoculate about 25,000 people. However, the work is made difficult by gunmen, says Health Minister Oly Ilung.

Congo has been facing an epidemic of ebola since the age of sixteen since 1976, but for the first time it has emerged in a region that medical doctors compare to a war zone. Ilunga on Friday said it was the worst epidemic in the history of the country. "Since arriving in the region, healthcare professionals have faced threats, physical attacks, repeated destruction of their equipment, and kidnappings," the minister said, according to which no other contagion in the world was as complex as the current epidemic of Ebola in Congo.

Ebola spreads through direct contact with blood or bodily exudates. Virus causes fever and both internal and external bleeding, diseases cull about half of the infected.

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