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Exodus publishers from Steam raise hope for Half-Life 3

Steam started out as a highly unpopular and necessary addition to Half-Life 2. Gradually, another Valve and other developer's work was added to this game, and over time it has become a completely dominant platform for digital distribution of games. This has allowed the gradual expansion of broadband Internet connections, which has made digital distribution of games virtually completely pushed out of the box. But Steam has also become a moth with such a wide range of games that it's impossible to tell her, and Valve has clearly started preferring quality quan- tity here, and even though she has launched Greenlight and Direct programs promising some quality control, there are many desperately poor or equal and fraudulent games, of which Jim Sterling is also popular with YouTube.

Great developers have gradually stopped having a 30% stake in Valve, leaving their own stores, and then at the end of last year's announcement to launch the Epic Games Store. The author, without exception, offers 88% of the sale of the games and although it did not look glorious at first, this shop has a rocket start. He has already earned the exclusivity of several developers and has now gone to Deep Silver / 4A Games, which is preparing Exodus Metro. which they announced suddenly and unexpectedly. Even the new Metro will be offered exclusively at the Epic Games Store.

It is undisputed that many companies still operating on Steam at least ask what is behind it and whether it will be better for them at best to leave. There is a real threat that Steam will be cut off to offer indie games to complete ballast, brakes and just games that are totally laughable or rather annoyance if we have paid for them.

Today it is more than clear that Steam needs change. For customers, it should become a clear place where quality will prevail over quantity and the authors will certainly appreciate a higher share. This, of course, does not have to be more important than overall sales, but that's why Steam today is pulling a shorter end. More capable developers, whose games are already showing their quality, will certainly not hesitate to leave Steam as those who rely more on the possibility that their game will have a chance of higher profits thanks to the huge customer base at Steam.

Now the theme of Half-Life 3 or even the successors of other Valve game series is being drawn to the light, which players have not yet forgotten. It's logical. While the studio itself may not be able to create a good game, it also owns the necessary rights, and then sits on a large stack of money so it can serve as a publisher who enters the work of some gaming studio. But nothing like that has happened yet, so just wait if you are interested.

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