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Forty Anniversary Alien Students Celebrate Sci-Fi Game, Also Right Ripley – News

Actress Sigourney Weaver arrived at North Bergen High School on Friday to thank her enthusiasts. They organized their amateur performances themselves and made Alien and Ripley costumes out of recycled materials.

While director Ridley Scott did not come, he also expressed interest through a letter, appreciating their creativity and imagination. The last time a veteran of Hollywood returned to the 2017 alien series with Alien: Covenant.

The original story of Alien was invented by American screenwriter Dan O'Bannon. Initially, the Alien was named "Star Beast," and many changes took place over time. Initially, a man was supposed to fight against the Alien, but one of the producers thought the woman would be more interesting. Around 1976, the story was reworked by Walter Hill, who made a contract with 20th Century Fox to direct the film, but left it to Ridley Scott.

But the company was afraid to invest in sci-fi action because Star Wars was just coming and nobody knew how they would end up. When they were very successful, the Hollywood giant rocked and gave $ 8 million to the Alien.

The form of Alien was determined by artist H.R. Giger, who, among other things, designed furniture for the Dune film, which was to be directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, but never happened. Many years later, David Lynch used a few of his designs. He then applied his favorite bio-mechanical style to the establishment of Giger bars in Switzerland and also contributed to the special line of Ibanez guitars.

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