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Garmin MARQ is a new luxury smart watch with great design

Garmin MARQ is a new line of luxury smart watches. They still have fitness features, but Garmin has more focused on design and premium materials. With watches they go to a similar price category where Rolex, Breitling and Omega are located. However, all five new watches look great, they are specifically designed for various activities, be it mountaineering or piloting an airplane or helicopter. Let's imagine the watch.

Garmin is now making a premium smart watch called MARQ

Five Garmin MARQ watches were introduced. And it's Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator and Driver. All watches are made of titanium and have a sapphire glass. Missing smart features such as the ability to connect to the phone for notifications, activity tracking, heart rate reader, and internal storage to record songs.

Garmin: The MARQ Collection

Garmin: The MARQ Collection

The watch design is already different. Each looks different and includes design elements for what it is designed for. The cheapest watch is the version Athlete, which is basically the basic version for athletes. Version Expedition is more expensive, contains topographic maps, compass and a special expedition mode with which the watch lasts for weeks on a single charge.

Version Captain is intended for boat, boat, etc. captainsservice, can display data from the ship, there is also a "man overboard" function if a user with a watch falls into the water, can display the location. Aviator version is intended for pilots aircraft or helicopters. They contain instructions for emergency navigation to the nearest airport, maps or flight records. The most expensive version of the watch is Drivingthat is intended for racers. The watch is more than integrated 250 race trackson which they can measure wheels, maximum speed, etc.

garmin marq luxury smart watchFrom the left side of MARQ Aviator, Expedition, Driver, Captain and Athlete

Finally, we will present the Garmin MARQ watch. The cheapest version starts at $ 1,500 CZK 41 thousand. The most expensive version costs $ 2,500 CZK 68 thousand.

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