Good news for black coffee lovers! –

One cup of black coffee in the morning is, according to scientists, a precautionary measure against brain disease. The chemicals released in the coffee roasting process prevent the formation of proteins that are responsible for the development of the disease.

The released substance is called phenylindan. The more roasted the beans are, the more substances are released. This chemical prevents proteins (beta-amyloid and tau protein) from colliding between the neurons that are behind the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

In order for the range of coffee effects to be sufficiently proven, more attention should be paid to phenylindans, which need to be investigated more thoroughly and to see if they have the ability to enter the bloodstream or cross the blood-brain barrier.

According to the doctor Donald Weaver, who is the head of the study, will need further research to show to what extent phenylindans are helpful in averting a cognitive decline in brain activity.


Dagmar Garci

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