Hygienists warn of possible return of type A jaundice. Feeding too few people – CT24 – Czech Television

Most people were infected in 2016, with a total of 449. More than thirty new cases a week. The most affected was Brno and its surroundings. The usual annual number of people infected with jaundice is about twenty. Experts, however, agree that the epidemic will return.

"The reason we can come back to the epidemic is that our population is not against hepatitis type A adequately protected by vaccination. In fact, we were vaccinating around two thousand people during anti-epidemic measures. Other people were cautiously prevented from self-vaccinating themselves, "explained hygienist Renata Ciupek.

Vaccination against this type of jaundice is voluntary, two needed doses are about three thousand crowns, health insurance companies contribute to them and adults. Antibodies should last at least 20 years for the subject. According to doctors, people could vaccinate against this type of disease as a gift under a Christmas tree instead of food supplements.

A better situation is for type B jaundice. Less than a hundred cases were reported between 2015 and 2017. "Which is a great success. Hepatitis B has been vaccinated since 2001. Both infants are vaccinated, and twelve-year-olds have also been vaccinated by 2013, and this has led to a significant reduction in the incidence of this disease, "said Petr Husa, head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Brno University Hospital.

"The vast majority of our population, however, is highly susceptible to hepatitis A virus because they have no real chance to meet this virus during their lives and therefore do not have antibodies," Hus added. Type A jaundice penetrates the body through the mouth while eating the food with no hands. Hygienists therefore constantly urge hands to wash hot water and soap and use disinfectants.

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