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N skldac Mate X is better than competition, to f Huaweie Ruichard Yu

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Newspaper with Huawei's mobile cell division Richard Yu in Pai went a little overwhelmed. Even a dog of disgust with the PR was separated from the company by Yu, for example, about questions about security threats and about the P30 series was not so much. And when somebody asked if Yu stle used Huawei Mate X in Barcelona, ​​the cello was turned into one big show with a flexible smartphone in the main role.

He is absolutely great at e-mailing, Richard Yu wondered his mate X with the use of it and his work tool. How did Richard Yu boast of our Mate X, we showed ourselves in a separate article. In fact, the smartphone has completely stifled the news, so Yu added: Mm rd both the P30 and Mate X. The P30 Pro has a great photo card.

Get in the smartphones

However, according to Richard Yu, in the flexible telephones, the future is future, and Mate X is according to him a very good pioneer: When you compare your phone to a competing Samsung, the device is much better. Make a design, boast. According to him, it is still very expensive, the tracks are both display and the joint itself, which skldn wash. We must repent, and this technique will come. I think we can get about a thousand years at a time around a thousand euros. It will be all producers, it will be a very strong trend in us, the future of the future bent the Yu.

Velkm tmatem have been rising prices for Huawei smartphones. When you cheat on flagship phones, have incredible fun and our models in many competition pony. Pesto is competitive, responding to the criticism of Yu and adding. We also have cheap phones, not just luxury models. Upmn, but let's be honest in the direct phone segment, which is very expensive, however, is the mobile division of Huawei. Even the cheap models will be according to Huawei. But there is still a lot of market that is price sensitive, and there is also a need to prepare for it.

Rst of prices is paradoxically caused by the ambition of Huawei stt with the world leader in the smarpthon market. For the past three or seven years, we had prices for it because we were trying to push through the market. But we are the world number two, we have become very famous for the unknown characters. Soon, you need a pt year, we want to be on the market, described the Yu line so far the development of the company.

His words confirm the firm's recent release for the first time. The company sold its own nine-million-million smartphones from January to March, while Strategy Analytics said it was a million dollars worth of first-quart. On the other hand, there are some things that Huawei can slow down in a flight, so it wouldn't happen. One of them is a campaign against Huawei as a company with potential security risk. Some markets, even very high, are closed to the character and rst is not as it could theoretically be.

5G is dark

Yes, on the markets in the US, but you and Korea, our presence is limited because of some political pressure. But we have a very strong position worldwide. So we have the rest of the world, we can get to the top of Blzkm entrance, in Africa, Europe, n, and other Asian markets, Richard Yu responded to the nai otzku, where the company wants to get the goods when you in the US, at one of the biggest markets, it can not. There are seven billion people in the world. Of course, the dream is to sell it to you by smartphone, but the idea for ns is to keep it growing, Yu added.

f mobiln division ovem so confirmed that not selling smartphones to get rid of the vi vi promt to otzek ow divisions and future 5G st. We are discussing with the weddings, even with the US, which has so far gone out of the game. In general, we have a very good time, because we are the best in 5G. After all, we have basically only in the US, we should be back in the rest of the world, Yu explained, as is the sister sister of the division. The company according to nj in the US with vldou court. Do not use the furnace first to prevent market entry by suppliers from a particular country or even a specific firm. This contradicts perhaps even the subway, explained the position of Huawei f division, which, however, has no significant effect on this day.

What the 5G does is to support their (un) support on Huawei phones. The new P30 pr model to support this standard was to drive early. A minimum of 5G st is still in operation. Supporting this standard will be a breeze for Mate 30, which will come this fall, seeing the offensive in the phones for the next generation mobile phones and the end of the year. But that does not mean that by the time Huawei should not have much to offer. On some markets, we can launch the first 5G st this year at lt. For those we will offer two phones: the Skldac Mate X and the 5G variant of the Mate 20. They should be sold in May and June, Yu said, giving speculation about the 5G variant of the current generation of Mate Mate.

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