People in Prague protested against the measures, the speaker was punched directly on the podium

According to information from TV Nova, one of the speakers was to be attacked with a fist on the stage. The attacker was then pacified by the police and taken away in handcuffs. Demonstrations were convened to allow participants to disagree with government regulations. On social networks, participants were instructed to come in masks of Nicholas, devils and angels. Daniel Hůlka, for example, spoke at the event.

After 3 pm, the march from Palackého náměstí across the embankment to the National Theater, along Národní třída and to Můstek. At Můstek, the procession merged with a demonstration that took place on Wenceslas Square. Around 5 pm, the participants of the assembly began to slowly disperse.

The event is organized by the Civic Association HON. He is also behind the demonstration in the Old Town Square, which took place on 18 October. At this demonstration, the police detained 16 people, they had objects with them that could endanger other participants in the event.

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