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Stanislav Zindulka († 86): Voluntarily to Death? REFUSED TO TAKE!

Friends in life and on stage, the actress described her relationship to the hero of the Childhood and Hope Train, or the Gendarme Humoresque, who had a serious illness Thursday. At first, it seemed that he had been prepared for his life by 'pneumonia', but it was unfortunately worse.

"He has been seriously ill with his illness for a very long time and I cannot describe in words how sad I am that he left. He was behind me and was delighted to see if he was going to undergo a demanding treatment, or to live dignified and enjoy life, ”Aha said! Bohdanová, who is with Zindula she has performed for over five years in the Činoherní klub in Prague for two actors My Ghost.

The question of whether the actor was battling cancer has left no response to his family. But she fully supported her beloved colleague in not choosing to undergo healing. "Thanks to this decision, he could still stand on stage, ride tours and do what he loved," Aha said! actress. "A few days ago I wrote a text message to him, so I believe she got to him … He had a fantastic family that made him live at home. I will never cease to be grateful for how well they have treated him. He could exhale for the last time surrounded by his loved ones, ”Bohdan said with gratitude.
The actress has recently sided with big companies, so she is not planning to attend a funeral either. She said she prefers to remember the beautiful moments she spent with her friend Standa at home …

Colleagues knew that
Only his family and colleagues from the Drama Club, who was his second home, knew that the actor was suffering from a serious illness. “Standa knew it and we knew it. We knew it from mid-December when he was playing his last performance in Činoherák and he wasn't doing well at all. We knew his illness had returned, this time for the last time. Stanislav Zindulka died today after noon between his family, calmly and peacefully, ”said the theater on its website on Thursday …

Actor Stanislav Zindulka at the opening of Sedmička Josefa Lady:

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