StarDance | Dispossessed Genzer: I was in pain in the hospital!

Even with Jane Zelenka (33) to the rummy maximum, not to the jury or the audience. Nor did the information reported to the nation that Richard had participated in Saturday's direct transmission, despite the fact that in the past two days he had dropped twice in the hospital drip. What exactly happened to him, Genzer described Lightning after you have been removed. "I had only a sick leg, sore! So I leaned in and they broke it out. I would like to thank Mr. Vladislav Hospodar,"He said.

The comedian appeared with Dalibor Gondik in the shootout (48) who was himself an outsider and expected to fall out. "When you stand next to Geni, whom you think is the favorite of this competition all the time, one is absolutely happy to fly out. I have already summed up the final speech in my head, and even as G said, I immediately associated it: It will be Gondík, it is clear, " said Blesk, the moderator of the horrifying cha-chi dancing in a week.

Genzer himself, once a dancer in the successful UNO group, is determined that, even though he has recited to the profession he previously favored, he does not want to dance anymore! "I've once put it on a nail, and this is the ultimate thing! They tell us: You will dance together! And I say: you gallop, all? What's happening? I will not dance anymore, "he said resolutely.

But according to the treaty and rules, he will have to roll his hips in StarDance on Saturday, December 22nd. "I heard something, but I did not fully read the rules as I joined later. I wonder what's going on, whether the dance we've been doing or something new … "Richard added.

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