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The current landscape is heavily damaged by today's farming and forest management and its water retention capacity is critically inadequate. This is reminded by the portal, with the lack of political priority for this situation.

It was agreed by 119 experts from the area of ​​water management, nature and landscape conservation, forestry and urbanism, who met at the 2018 River Landscape Conference in Prague on 5th-7th. November, and reported by the environmental organization Arnika. "We believe that our country has the necessary expertise and knowledge to restore the country. However, we are convinced that the pace and extent of the restoration of the landscape are inadequate and do not correspond to the urgency of the problems brought about by climate change in our country, "the statement said. "The conference participants agreed on the necessary changes to the flow management approach, forestry and farming practices, subsidy policy and research directions that are necessary if we are to prepare for situations of water scarcity or floods that will continue to emerge with the ongoing climate change more often, "explains program director David Pithart.

This year, the conference focused on three main themes: the river in urban and peri-urban areas; drought and what about it; revitalization of watercourses and riverbeds. Participants also discussed where to find or how to draw examples of rivers in the desired (reference) state in a situation where untouched rivers in our country practically do not exist. A total of 35 lectures were held at the conference and the participants went to the field to see successful examples of revitalization in the Prokopské Valley.

The conference presented examples of successful solutions for landscape restoration projects as well as approaches and tools for their design. Among the most interesting were the presentation of the reconstruction of small mountain streams in the Šumava National Park, the revitalization of the Danube branches in Slovakia, the revitalization of the Vltava River and the project of the suburban park of Prague, or an example of a simple design system for increasing the water retention in the landscape of Živa water.

Source:, ilustrační foto (revitalizace řeky Loděnice) Our water – Nina Havlová

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