The end of the week will be sunny, starting Monday as snow –

On Thursday after sunspot of morning mists and low clouds, we will experience sunny weather with temperatures between 5 and 9 degrees Celsius.

Fogs will appear in the morning in the morning on Friday, when temperatures will drop to 2 to 2 degrees. In the mountains will be -6. "It will be clear or cloudy in the daytime with temperatures between 5 and 9 degrees," Hons said.

The minimum cloud will send On Saturday morning minimum to 0 to -4, in mountain areas even to -10 degrees. But during the day, after the morning mist dissolves, we will enjoy a clear or semi-clear sky with afternoon peaks between 5 and 9 degrees.

Morning fogs accompanied by low cloud cover even Sunday morning. The minimum temperatures will remain on the previous day's values ​​and initially will prevail even in the semi-dark. Gradually, however, clouds with clouds that will be snowing in mountain areas will grow from the north. Temperatures will still be between 3 and 7 degrees.

Snowfall will arrive in the lowlands on Monday, when the weather begins to affect the pressure lower in the higher levels of the atmosphere. Overcast with clouds or snow showers will prevail. Morning minima fall to 0 to -4 degrees, the day will be between 1 and 5 degrees.

Very similarly, it should be on Tuesday, when we see another temperature drop.

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