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The one who loved you

Movie Trailer Who loved you

Kpt. Kalina, a policeman, a loving husband and a great father, will be the victim of a car accident. He then follows the investigation of his own death. There are many humorous and unexpected situations in him, because his family's more than the members of the police force are leading him … Gradually, there are some clues that everything may not have been as it sounded.

The one who loved you, Czechia 2018, comedy crimes, 90 min., Directing. Jan Pachl, played by: Soňa Norisová, Pavel Řezníček, Hynek Čermák, Eva Holubová, Lukáš Vaculík and others.


Grinch Movie Trailer

Grinch, an eternally annoyed green hairy man, who absolutely suits self-cushioning in a cave, does not like Christmas at all. But in the village of Kdosice, where they sometimes go for shopping, they live the very disgustingly positive inhabitants, who are the more enthusiastic and eager the more Christmas Eve is coming. And so Grinch decides to steal the Christmas atmosphere of the people of Kdos …

Grinch, USA 2018, animated, 86 min., Directed by: Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier

Vratislav Effenberger, or Hunting on a Black Shark

Trailer for Vratislav Effenberger or Hunter on Black Shark

Vratislav Effenberger was next to Václav Černý, Jan Patočka or Jiří Kolář and others among the most outstanding personalities of Czech culture in the second half of the 20th century. Thirty years after his death, David Jaarab looks at his work and his personal life at a distance, and gives him a chance to appreciate it because of the new contexts.

Vratislav Effenberger or Hunting on a Black Shark, Czech Republic 2018, documentary, 85 min., Directed by: David Jařab

Girl in a spider network

Trailer for the movie The girl in the spider network

Lisbeth Salander, cult figure and protagonist of the famous book series Millennium Stieg Larsson, returns to the canvas as Girl in the Spider Network in the first adaptation of David Lagercrantz's successful bestseller recently released.

The Girl in the Spider Network, USA 2018, thriller, 111 min., Directed by: Fede Alvarez, starring Claire Foy, Sylvia Hoeks, Lakeith Stanfield, Sverrir Gudnason and others.

Witnesses Putin

Trailer for Witnesses to Putin

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, half a year before his term expires, abruptly abdicates, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is entrusted with the government. This fateful moment begins with a new documentary by renowned director Vitalie Mansky, who as a court presidential cameraman came into the interior of Kremlin politics and brings so unexpected testimony to the beginning of the Lessen era.

Witnesses Putin, Latvia / Switzerland / Czech Republic, 2018, documentary, 102 min., Directed by: Vitalij Manskij

Balkan massacre with paintball gun

Film trailer Balkan massacre with paintball gun

The Croatian marketing agency has a new owner – the young Dutchman Rinus, who brings a more aggressive style of work to the company. News is not all to taste, so Rinus organizes an action-building weekend in the countryside. Many, however, are beginning to suspect that the purpose of the weekend is not to stiffen the team but to remove inconvenient staff.

Balkan Massacre Paintball Gun, Croatia, 2010, thriller, 120 min., Directed by: Ivan-Goran Vitez, starring Goran Navojec, Djordje Kukuljica, Hana Hegedusic and others.


Trailer for the film Open

Sarah, a reclusive girl living with her mother in a troubled environment, is plagued by the unspoken sexual desire of her best friend Alis. When she finally confesses, she is denied. The loss of friendship also results in the publication of Sarah's Orientation. Sudden loneliness and existential depression will create visions and visions in which the boundaries between dream and reality are gradually eroding.

Open, Serbia 2016, psychological thriller, 72 min. directed by: Momir Milosevic, played by Milena Ðurovic, Jelena Pužić, Jelena Angelovski, Sava Kešić, Momir Milosevic and others.

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