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The universe expands faster than we thought. We don't understand, NASA admitted

The universe is expanding faster than it should. Hubble observations show that the universe is currently expanding 9% faster than it would have according to cosmological models. Although this has been discussed in the past, the latest measurements have pushed the likelihood of a mistake to "just" 1: 100,000. If this is confirmed, new physical theories would be needed to expand the cosmos. they could correctly describe. NASA reported US findings.

The actual rate of expansion of the universe, as measured by the measurement of variable stars, does not match the putative rate of expansion calculated according to the relic radiation (background radiation of the visible universe from the time just after the Big Bang).

"The mismatch gradually grew and reached the point where it could no longer be condemned as nonsense or coincidence. We didn't expect this completely, ”admitted Adam Riess, Nobel laureate and professor of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University.

And the new study led by Adam Riess confirms that more study will be needed. His team examined the light flowing from 70 stars near our galaxy, and with new procedures they could measure distances in a relatively short time. Newly, they could also measure data from multiple stars at once. This made the measurement more accurate and revealed that the distances were faster than expected. The team, based on the data of the European Space Agency (ESA), calculated what the distances should now be, and the numbers did not.

The researchers concluded that something essential is lacking in full understanding. "Here's not just that two experiments are contradictory," explains Riess. “We're measuring something completely different. One is measuring how fast the universe expands today. The other is a prediction based on the data from the beginning of the universe, how fast it should develop. ”If the values ​​do not match, we are very likely to miss a link.

The rate of expansion of the universe is an important quantity to describe our universe, its shape, and to reveal its supposed fate: it can be thermal death (gradual cooling of all energy sources), collapse to one point like the opposite of Big Bang, but also the so-called Big Rip. constantly increasing speed until even the smallest particles of matter move apart at infinite speed.

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