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Veronika Žilková has left Agata, but her birthday wishes take her heart!

At that moment Agáta Prachařová was very worried. Veronika Žilková today flew back to Israel, but before she could celebrate her daughter's birthday. In addition, she posted a touching message on the social network.

As Agáta Prachařová revealed in previous days, her mother Veronika Žilková planned to fly back to Israel today, on Agata's 34th birthday, where her husband, Martin Stropnický, works as a Czech ambassador. Although it did not work, but the favorite actress did not forget to leave her daughter a wonderful message.

On Instagram, she posted a photograph on which she is accompanied by the advertising director Jiří Hanych, the father of Prachařová. “Parents remain parents, even if they are no longer married. On April 28, 1985, we became happy parents, ”said Žilková on a social network and a lot of fans responded to her contribution, with 22,000 on Instagram.

She has already published a birthday cake for Agata. Moreover, according to the available information, together with sons Cyril and Vincent and daughter Kordula, they prepared a birthday surprise for the birthday girl.


Birthday cake for Agata Pracharova | photo: Instagram

Surely the biggest surprise, however, was the return of Jacob's husband, who originally packed his bags on Thursday and seemed to be goodbye to Agata. But he returned on Saturday afternoon, perhaps because he remembered his wife's birthday. But if the crisis between the two partners is over, we can only guess.

There is also the possibility that the entire marriage crisis was just one great theater. In fact, Jakub has fulfilled his duties in Prague and Brno in the previous days, so there is a chance that on Thursday he only came for a turn to retrofit to travel. However, due to all this week's events, it doesn't seem very likely.

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