Al Ahli gives the opportunity to replace after the end of Africa

Mohamed Yousuf, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Al Ahly, said that in the next season players will be paid who did not have a chance in official matches due to pressure from the African championship according to Patrice Carrton's artistic vision.

"Each player must make every effort to get a chance during training. Keeping the decision of the coach is crucial, depending on the circumstances of each match and chooses the appropriate form.

Al Ahly stressed that every player in Al-Ahly would be given a chance to participate in more than one championship, including the Zayed Cup for Championships or Leagues as well as the new version of the African Championship.

Mohamed Yousuf confirmed that the technical team is constantly looking for the general interest of the team, and that in the coming period, it will be awarded elements that did not mainly participate in the occasion, while the biggest role of each player to confirm his eligibility to participate.

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