Arrest of the most dangerous Nashal in Kafr El – Sheikh

Hani Nasr Al Arabi – Now you read the report on the arrest of the most dangerous Nashala in Kafr El – Sheikh and now with full details just about the Gulf 365

Officers of the police station of Kafr El-Sheikh railway station and escorts were able to catch a N-F-36-year-old man who was caught stealing (T-SH-18) a student's handbag while they were on the No.

This is within the Directorate-General for Transport and Communication Police, which aims to combat crime in all its forms, to prevent and detect offenders, in particular the fight against criminal offenses in the railway system.

During the investigation of the suspect's bag, it was found that the owner of the wallet was found to be N-A-Z inside its owner (9 different mobile phones, brands – 3 money bags, one of which contained 400 pounds).

By discussing the arrest for the arrest, the suspect admitted that stealing seizures from those who attended the market next to the station on Thursday of each week in a way too busy to use overcrowding.

Investigating the detained phones he holds. It was possible to get to his owners who are:

• A – A – student age 19. M – p – age 23 women in the household.

• A – A – 60 farmers. N – y – m 23 Household.

• m – m – age of 40 workers. GS – GS – 35 age factor.

• R – M – 45 employees, where everyone visited and accused the said stolen .. The owner did not reach two phones.

(C) "get rid of" the safety of the lake and was accused in 17 other cases, in the case of a second police station offense and must be set up for execution in case of offenses for 6 months in absentia.

Major General Mustafa Al-Razzaz, General Director of Traffic Police And transport is obliged to take all legal procedures and issue the necessary record.

The statement about the incident is released and the offer is filed with the prosecution.

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