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Artagrill 146 And the secret of Artgrel in the face of Pbolat Pasti, according to the announcement

Artagirl 146 Series Artagrl Season V is one of the most important Turkish series that has been shown in a modern century as it has an amazing dramatic work, reaching the Turkish series of very large ratings in the world, and we'll show you in our newspaper details the Nile episode 146, Cut off your head carrots.

ArtGarrell Episode 146

The question is whether Artagrill will kill the peppers and cut off his head, or that Pibolat will use his warriors to escape, which will succeed in escaping the expected control of Ertogrl on pepullets, but viewers look at the pebbles killing scene, but there is a chance to kill him And there is another option No killers will ask him about something we will know in episode 146.

ArtGarl Display Times

  • They moved 8 hours on the Turkish Channel.
  • On Thursday it will fly at 10:00 at Yarmouk and Da.

You can follow the resurrection of the Artagirl 146 episode through more than one Arabic channel:

  • Jordan Yarmouk Canal
  • Call channel.
  • Qatar Canal.
  • Tarti channel and place of light.

You can watch the details and coverage of the seminar on our website immediately after the episode on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

The fans of the Artagirl series in Turkey are waiting for the fifth season to present the forty-sixth episode, which will be full of important and exciting events, especially the return of the Gondud warrior.

Follow us and watch episode 146, which will be shown on the TRT channel, says the end of ArtGirl will be on the 150th episode and begin the new season of the Osman series to finish the ArtGirl march.

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