Crimes Continue Experiences 5 bribery charges charge 3 million pounds at the National Bank

The Criminal Court in Cairo, held at the Fifth Assembly, led Magdi Hussein, on Tuesday resumed the trials of five defendants, including two bank employees, on charges of a £ 3m bribe. The meeting will include Osama Abu Safi, Amr Mohammed Fawzy, Ameen Abdel Latif and Ahmed Fahmy. The prosecution of the defendants accused Mohammed SA and Mohammed AM, "bank employees" Attiya M. University professor and college professor for the first time accused the first and second defendant as a public servant of the bank in return for her work that the third defendant's application through the fourth and fifth defendants, 5% of the value of the sale of Egyptian National Bank shares in the production of Silica Oils in Fayou Governorate by 3 million and 500 thousand pounds.

The prosecution also entrusted the third defendant to accuse the first and second defendants. The prosecution also accused the fourth and fifth accused of accusations of facilitating and mediating a bribe payment.

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