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Dollar Price Friday, March 15, 2019 in Egyptian Banks and Black Market and US Dollar to Sterling Stability

We monitor the dollar on Friday (March 15) in banks operating in Egypt and on the black market, where the US currency is expected to be at 8:00 am, expecting changes in the dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound.

The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound is one of the most important things for Egyptian people for several reasons, the most important of which is its influence on the prices of imported goods, fuel and energy prices and the presence of a large number of Egyptians abroad who transfer US dollar funds to their relatives in Egypt. The best price for converting to Egyptian money, which is what we offer in this article, where we offer you prices in all Egyptian banks first through the table below.

Dollar price today in Egyptian banks

Top Price: 17.43

Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi

The lowest price: 17.43

Gulf of Egypt

As a bankPurchase PriceSelling priceLast move from
Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi17.4317.48Two days
Al Baraka Bank17.4017.505 hours
Egyptian Arab Land Bank17.3617.46Two days
Arab Investment Bank17.3517.45Two days
Egyptian Export Development Bank17.3517.45One day
National Bank of Greece17.3517.45One day
Egyptian Agricultural Bank17.3517.4515 hours
Bank for Housing and Development17.3517.45One day
Banque Misr Iran Development17.3517.45One day
Bloom Bank17.3517.45One day
United Bank17.3517.45Two days
Arab International Banking Company17.3517.45One day
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)17.3517.45Two days
Agricole Loan17.3517.45Two days
Suez Canal17.3517.45Two days
Egyptian Bank17.3517.45Two days
National Bank of Egypt17.3517.45Two days
Commercial International Bank (CIB)17.3517.45Two days
International Arab International Bank17.3517.45Two days
Bank of Alexandria17.3517.45Two days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK17.3517.45One day
Arab International Bank17.3517.45Two days
Mashreq Bank17.3517.45One day
Industry Development Bank17.3517.45One day
HSBC17.3517.45Two days
Bank Audi17.3417.44Two days
Central Bank of Egypt17.3317.46One day
Gulf of Egypt17.3317.43Two days

As far as prices on the black market are concerned, they are somewhat better in terms of price because the dollar is between 17.92 and 17.95 pounds in Egypt, but the Egyptian government has been under severe pressure on black market traders in recent months.

Adjust the rate of the customs dollar

The government's decision to liberalize the dollar rate has mixed reactions and great concern over the impact of this decision on prices of goods imported from abroad, particularly Asian cars.

Another scenario behind the Egyptian pound against the dollar in Egyptian banks during the last few hours for no apparent reason This sudden scenario of the fall of the US currency against Egypt caused panic among the green and gold smugglers hit by the other, and fell by 10 pounds per gram in one day.

Some believe that the dollar's decline against the pound does not last long, because the US currency will return to the previous exchange rate, which was in the range of 17.90, where it is now £ 17.52, avoiding the reasons that would probably last December. A lot of hard currency fled to the country during the month of December, which ran banks with more currency at their cash desks and thus a drop in the exchange rate.

  • The US dollar against the pound fell sharply on Thursday in all Egyptian banks until the average dollar against the pound reached £ 17.40, down 50 piasters to dollar prices at the start of the new year.
  • The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank records $ 17.43 as the highest price in all public and private banks in Egypt.
  • Friday is the beginning of a weekly vacation for Egyptian banks, so the dollar stabilizes against the pound until the early hours of next Sunday.
  • The dollar's price last week generally witnessed a decline in most of the competing banks in the Egyptian banking system, in anticipation of a large return of US currency by the end of March.

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