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Eighth season on HBO

We are watching the third episode of the Alroosh conflict series with you today, so Sico was looking for the HBO channel the most during the coming hours, waiting for the fans of the "conflict Arush" series to see the next episode of the show, which reveals a lot of interesting events and a lot of death.

The final moments of the Eighth Part of the Arush Conflict Series, taken from the series of "Ice and Fire" novels and to the left of the Eighth Part, only four episodes, but to this point is admired by many followers of this type of series interested in making the net (HBO).

Leaving the Throne Episode
Leaving the Throne Episode

Where is the last episode of the series "Clash of monsters"A persistent conflict between an imaginary and a dead Middle Ages, led by the king of the night, made of snow and living in the far north and capable of reviving the dead and controlling them afterwards.

Emily Clarke

But the series in past seasons has seen many events made the series in increasing the level of viewing and sequel, where many of the series' heroes to death were the first Eddard Stark Sayed Castle of Wintrvl, in addition to killing the most important character in the series, which is Sean Bean who was the reason for increasing audience series when it was first released in 2011.

Conflict Arush
Conflict Arush

A number of serial characters were also killed during past seasons, some of which were brutally quit, including during the Red Wedding, in which Edard Stark's son, his wife and a number of participants were killed and John Snow was also killed in the last episode of Part V. However, life has come back to life, but such scenes have caused a lot of shock to the followers of the show, and tension is still there to see the upcoming events and fate of the survivors.

Episode 3 Conflict Arush

The situation is expected to change during the next episode scheduled for Sunday and is the third episode in the six episode season, but many sites and forums speculate and bet, referring to characters who die during the next episode of the series.

Today's Arush Conflict

Where one of the greatest site editors speculated that the next episodes will witness bloodshed, confirming that this is what made us love the show and follow it, and pointed out that the last episodes dealt with reunion, but that the remaining characters at Winterfl Castle, the series included about 100 personalities and during this time there are about 20 in one place, suggesting that the upcoming seasons will be more exciting than parts of the past will be the next episode of 80 minutes will be the longest episodes of the series.

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Now imagine the third episode of the Thrones series of eighth season achievements and have reached the previous seven sections of great success, leading each week to wait for anyone to follow the series every week at the time of its presentation at nine o'clock on sunday and dawn on Monday .

The episode has not yet been introduced, and the events of the third year's episode will follow only in writing to follow us immediately after the site's rights show the series published …

After a few minutes it will be added to the episode translated, one of the most famous sites showing the translator's Egy Best episode.

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