Farouk: The latest confrontation will support Zamalek

Former Al-Ahly star Mohamed Farouk said the red team’s coaching team, led by Pitso Mosiman, must put any pressure on the player before the African final against Zamalek, while stressing the importance of following his instructions very precisely within the green rectangle.

Farouk added in his statements to “Yallakora”: “Al-Ahly plays better team football with Musimani, but at the same time Zamalek is a strong opponent and has other alternatives than his main stars, and his victory in the last match will greatly strengthen him next Friday. wrestle.

And he continued his statements: “The match is difficult and its outcome cannot be predicted now. Al-Ahly players should take advantage of the lack of public attendance and the pressure that causes them to shine and crown the title, and both teams are generally an “open book”, whether from Musiman or Pachec.

He pointed out: “I see that Al-Ahly will enter the final match in the same line-up of two Wydad matches, and I have information that Mohamed Hani is not yet 100% ready, so Rami Rabia should be employed in the Yemeni front or Hussein Al-Shahat. , especially since the Red team’s substitutes are not as strong as Zamalek. “

At the end of his speech, he noted that the African finals will write the history of the team that won the title, and that the stars of the Al-Ahly club should try hard to re-establish themselves on the African stages.

Egyptian football clubs Al-Ahly and Zamalek will meet tomorrow night in the final of the African Champions League (2020).

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