FilGoal | Agiri News: Mohamed El Shennawi is the first goalkeeper of Egypt

Javier Aguirre, Egyptian coach, announced that Mohamed El Shennawi is the main goalkeeper of the Egyptian team in the next season as long as he continues to a good level.

"Al-Shennawi is a great goalkeeper, our number one, we have seen it in front of Tunisia and we have saved great chances for them," said Agiri "On-One" at "Sport".

"I am satisfied with the level of all Egyptian goalkeepers, all professionals, but for me, Shennawi is the first goalie."

"We are friends and talk to an assistant, but I will finally decide," said the coach.

"I know there's no holder in the world who would not make a mistake, but if Al-Shennawi continues in good shape, I think it's best."

Since the arrival of Aguirre in Egypt, Pharaoh's four plays have been played, especially with Muhammad Al-Shennawi.

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