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FilGoal | News "Great moments create great opportunities." Zamalek against Nahdet Berkane

"Great moments create great opportunities … and that's what we have today, boys." You have this today, Zamalek.

Zamalek is preparing to face the rise of the Moroccan volcano at 12 noon on the final stage of the Confederate Cup.

At the Municipal Stadium, a special Ramadan night fire game awaits the return leg the next Sunday.

"Great moments create great opportunities … and that's what we have today, boys"

"That's what we have to get today"

"We have to drop them tonight because we can."

"That's your time. Their time is over and it's your time"

"Now go and win … victory."

Words from the mouth of American Kurt Russell before an American hockey team, during the film Miracle.

The miracle is inspired by the story of truth The American Hockey Team completed the 1980 Winter Olympics.

The American team has never been a candidate for a title against the Soviet Union, which has dominated and dominated the game for over 20 years.

Things were resolved before the start and no one expected to lose the Soviet team, but the American team achieved a miracle and won 4-3.

With just 5 seconds, the commentator exploded "Do you believe in miracles? Yes, it's impossible."

One term is what the American team did at the time. "Miracle on Ice".

And because it was beyond expectation, the miracle was surely on the screen in The Miracle, which talked about the life of each team player, as well as the coach and certainly the match against the Soviet Union.

Christian Gross will not find better words than Kurt Russell during the film to motivate his players.


Things are definitely different. Zamalek's task is not at all impossibleBecause the return leg will be in Egypt, but here we are talking about the conditions that Zamalek experienced.

Mahmoud Abdel Rahim "Jensh", who kept net nets in Zamalek in the last 7 games in the Confederacy, He won't play the final part of the tournament, For a stop.

Emad al-Sayed second guard He won't play the last section of the Confederacy, Because of injury.

Zamalek has only one goalkeeper on the African list Omar Salah.

Omar Salah, 21, took part only 4 minutes with Zamalek this season.

Just 4 minutes and now preparing for the Zamalek goalkeeper guard in front of the Nahdha volcano in the final confederation.

Zamalek fans believe in the ability of Omar Salah, as well as Gross who talked about him saying: t "I believe in Omar Salah. Our goalie coach works with the highest level guards. "

"Omar Salah is determined to protect Zamalek's goal."

Omar's son, Omar Salah, will not be in doubt, but Zamalek's fears will be great because of the seriousness of the attack on the Nahdet volcano, but Zamalek's goalkeeper will not replace it.

Two challenges for Omar Said

Omar al-Said will lead Zamalek's attack against Nahdet Berkan and may also protect the white knight in case – God forbade – Omar Salah was injured.

Two challenges from Zamalek fans to Omar Al – Saeed.

First call It is used for all possible opportunities in the game. Only one goal from Zamalek can open the door to crown the title.

You must take the opportunity.

Second call He won't be forced to wear an Omar Salah shirt and protect Zamalek.

The solution will be the defense and midfielder Zamalek, keeping the pressure as far as possible from the team's goal.

The front line is the first line of defense

Omar al-Said, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim, Kahraba, Youssef Ibrahim, Ibrahim Hassan, Zizou or Mohamed Ibrahim, who will have to put pressure on the volcano's defensive line to protect the stadium center from attacks.

Zamalek's attack to defend the rebirth of the volcano causes them to rely on the ball to disperse and rely on long balls, and here comes the role of Zamalek, which will have to remove the severity of matches as much as possible from the penalty area.

Mahmoud Ala will definitely be in the Zamalek start line, but the point remains in the second defense center. learned that Gross wouldn't risk Mahmoud Hamdi because of a nose injury.

Be like Tariq Hamid

We won't give any advice to Tarek Hamid. We know what he'll do in the game, Tarek Hamed, as everyone knows.

The heart of Assad, who will not stay and run, fight and protect the center and defense of Zamalek, is the key to the persistence of the White Knight before the renaissance of the volcano.

The only tip we could tell to Tarek Hamed, which is the caution of the yellow card.

If Tarek Hamed receives the yellow card, he will miss the return leg and here is our only advice for Tarek. Stay cool.

Other Zamalek players must be like Tarek Hamed.

No exaggeration

In football, your team can lose, but it won't be the end of the world.

Zamalek fans must act Without any exaggeration, the White Knight can be hurt a lot before his last return.

Loss does not mean loss of title, victory does not mean obtaining title, p "The last battle of two matches and the first match will not be decisive for anything."

Listen carefully to GROUS .. Trust your team and don't exaggerate it.

Here you can choose the Zamalek formation in the Confederate final

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