Following the President's statement on obesity among young people. They said in health research and bombing life

Echo country Egypt is the first in the world of obesity in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh to attend a large number of people from different countries who participated in the World Youth Forum, which included several events and important statements, including the announcement of President Abdal Fatto al-Sisi increasing obesity in university youth.
Following are major studies and scientific studies that included monitoring the percentage of obesity in Egypt in general and the most important risks and diseases that threaten young people when they become infected.
The World Health Organization (WHO), the world's first group of obesity, has found that overweight people are killing millions of people around the world and that more than 2 billion adults and children suffer from health problems worldwide due to their weight.
A study conducted in 195 countries around the world in 35 years from 1980 to 2015 found that 30 percent of the world's population, nearly 2.2 billion children and adults, suffered from weight gain.
The study concluded that the rate of obesity has continued to increase worldwide since 1980, doubling it in 70 countries, indicating that the United States is among countries where the prevalence of obesity in children and adults suffering from 13% of Americans . Egypt has the highest prevalence of obesity in adults, with 35% of the population suffering from this disease.
Youth Obesity Threatens Early Disease A study in Sweden shows that young people with overweight or obese are more likely to have liver disease later than their normal weight parallels.
In a recent scientific journal, scientists have said that if children with quail also suffer from type 2 diabetes, their chances of developing liver disease are 3.3 times higher at a mean age. The study also confirmed that BMI is a risk factor.
Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Sudden Death A recent study by American scientists has shown that obesity and high blood pressure play a serious role in the heart attack and sudden death of young people.
Researchers have explained that the risk of cardiovascular disease affects not only elderly people, but has recently increased in young people due to obesity. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs because of an imbalance in electrical activity that differs from a heart attack that is usually caused by blockage of the heart arteries. This sudden cardiac arrest may occur with or without warning and usually causes immediate death.
A new study in the US shows that obesity increases the risk of serious complications caused by influenza infection, including hospitalization and even death, and increases the risk of illness. Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health found that obese people Influenza-like symptoms that have been confirmed to be infected in a flu virus laboratory are 42% longer than the obese peers. People with obesity with influenza increase Bens recovery time 104% compared to non-obese
Obesity can change the immune response of the body and lead to chronic inflammation that increases with age. Besides, breathing makes it harder and increases the need for oxygen, these factors can explain how obesity can influence the risk, severity and fluency of the flu.
The study attributed the cause of the bad body odor of overweight and obesity. The study also linked bad breath with weight gain. The study attributed the reason for the quality of food that people overweight to eat, from foods with fats and carbohydrates Which causes the mucus to dry in the human respiratory system. Experts also believe that obesity causes accumulation of bacteria in the digestive system, which leads to odor.

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