On Maya Diab’s birthday, her husband is a Shiite Muslim and her daughter is a Christian

It celebrates Thursday, November 13 Actress Maya Diab“On her 40th birthday, when she was born on this day in 1980, she is one of the stars who often provokes controversy over her bold looks and sometimes statements.
A few years ago, specifically in 2017, She spoke Lebanese actress Maya Diab She was surprised by recent rumors about her daughter Kay, the Christian faith.
Intervals Maya DiabDuring her stay as a guest on the “Hadith Al Balad” program on the Lebanese channel “mtv”, the father of her daughter “Abbas” is a Shiite Muslim, but her daughter is a Christian. She points out that she is surprised by the attack or interference in such details.

Maya emphasized that this matter indicated an openness on the part of both parties, ie She and her husband, and their acceptance of other religions with tolerance and love.

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