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Stock market performance in today's Arab world

Stock market performance in today's Arab world

Instead of "Clock 25", the performance of the stock market in today's Arab world, which came as follows.

Stock market performance in today's Arab world

Egyptian Stock Exchange

Egyptian stock indexes recorded a relative recovery during the closing of deals today, with the purchase of some of the major shares in the banking and food sectors.

The EGX30 index rose 0.85% to 14770.81 points, while the EGX70 index fell 0.40% to 649.22 points, the wider the EGX-100 index added 0.50% to its value, Ending trading at 1657,545 points.

The market capitalization of shares quoted on the Egyptian stock exchange earned EGP 3.8 billion to LE 805.6 billion after a total market turnover of LEP 500 million.

Bahrain Stock Exchange

Bahrain General Index closed at 1,438.46 points, down 0.15 points from previous Bahrain Islamic Bank closed at 799.75 points, down 2.31 points from the previous period.

The total value of the shares was 3 million and 760 thousand, and 276 shares worth 714 thousand and 60 Bahraini dinars were realized through 78 transactions.

Stock market

The Muscat Securities Market Index closed at (3950.34) points at the end of the session, dropping 0.74 points (0.20%) compared to the latest trading point (3958.08) points.

Trading value was (896) ths. A (337) Omani pound low (41.3%) compared to the last trading meeting, which amounted to (526) ths. (70) Omani riyals.

Palestinian Stock Exchange

The Palestinian Stock Exchange closed 0.45%, or 2.38 points, and reached 528.55 points.

The stock volume was traded with 286,231 shares totaling $ 570,798 realized through 120 transactions.

Kuwait Stock Exchange

Kuwait: The Kuwaiti Stock Exchange ended the day with an increase of 11.44 points to 5733.9 points, up 0.2%.

The trading volume of the index was 129.1 million shares through 5614 transactions of 18.4 million Kuwaiti dinars (about $ 64.4 million).

The headline index fell by 14.8 points, reaching 4894 points by 0.3% through a 102.7 million share stake through 2977 transactions worth RSD 4.5 million (about $ 15.7 million).

The first market index grew by 24.3 points to 6170.2 points, up 0.4% from 26.5 million shares through 2637 transactions worth RSD 13.9 million (about $ 48.6 million). .

Beirut Stock Exchange

The BSE closed 0.21%, or 2.8 points, and closed at 896.40.

The volume of shares traded with 28 thousand. And 887 shares worth 204 ths.

While the capitalization of listed companies rose to $ 8 million and $ 903,000, compared to $ 8 million and $ 884,000 for previous trading.

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