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Symptoms of heart muscle weakness

The heart muscle weakness of health problems, which affects a large proportion of people without their knowledge, and during this injury is the inability of the heart to pump the amount of blood that will allow a person to live normally, and this weakness is gradual, can reach the heart's inability to live normally, And also in case of serious a health problem and requires an operation that may cause the operation not to be allowed.

Symptoms of weak heart muscle

In the next few lines, we identify the symptoms of heart muscle weakness by location.HEALTHLINE"Medical, which showed weakness in the blood pump causes problems in the left ventricle and weakness in the body and this greatly affects heart health."

Symptoms of weak heart muscle

The report, many of the symptoms that confirm that it is weak in the heart muscle, must be very careful, especially for people with heart disease, such as arterial blockage or valve problems, the most common symptoms being dyspnea sometimes accompanied by swelling. The main cause of sudden death may be persistent tiredness and fatigue, markedly increased weight, fainting, increased heart rate, and severe dizziness, and if not joined.

Symptoms of weak heart muscle

Causes of weak heart muscle

The report pointed out that there are many reasons that lead to myocardial infarction, the most important people with coronary artery problems, alcoholics and smokers, as well as thyroid patients, whether active or lazy, as well as people with diabetes who suffer from heart valve problems. As a blockade and heart it is exposed to viral heart problems.

Symptoms of weak heart muscle The most common cause of heart muscle weakness is a family history, if you have such problems in the family, you may be exposed to this, as well as blood tests, especially heart enzymes, and physical examination of the body. If you have a problem, your doctor requires heart rate exercise and can be on the catheter to investigate the cause of the disease and receive appropriate treatment.

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