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The death certificate reveals the mother's crime

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Hanan, 42, is definitely not her name, has been deprived of her motherhood and accepted the murder of her six-year-old daughter Ayi in one of Dar es Salaam districts to correct her behavior. Her husband, who gave birth to one child, was the one who deceived neighbors and doctors to produce a death certificate in Dar es Salaam Hospital, where they suspected the consequences of beating and torture on the child's body. : "Tuk-tuk event", the doctor refuses the mother's request to obtain a confirmation of natural death and then contacts the police. To rescue catch.

Al-Masry Al-Youm moved to the place where the child was killed and met with neighbors and eyewitnesses on these lines. "In the morning of this incident, I overheard a killer telling another neighbor that her baby had been hit by fat in two days, her body was swollen, and she asked us to go to the hospital one day and go with her immediately," A hospital doctor told us that girl has traces of torture on her body and her throat has been choked, and then she called the police. "Um Yussef said the suspect lied to the doctor and told him that the girl had been hit by the fat incident on the street two days ago when she was playing outside the house The neighbor explained that the defendant had been married to a cousin, and there were considerable problems between them and had separated shortly before, to return to their father's and their child's home in the region.

"How can a mother kill her neighbor?" Asks Mahmoud Sabri, the store owner. "Mother's sweeter and thinner heart of our Lord's creation on the face of the universe is dull!" Certified, "he added that the dog, the pet, and the intruder, when he is born, is more cruel, especially when approaching youth!" Sabri said the father of the victim was the one who accused the mother of this crime, presumably due to the previous differences between them before and after their separation, "the father of the girl wanted to put her daughter in custody, but her mother refused and insisted on being in her custody, "Caring for a child is behind filing a father who is accused of murdering a girl. Sabri further said that when the police came to the area to arrest her mother, she had surveillance cameras with her and asked the shops to unload cameras in the last 3 days before the incident to find out the details.

An eyewitness who refused to be identified stated that the defendant, after separation from the victim's father, had worked to secure the expenses of his child, had not asked for help from his brothers, even though he was from a wealthy family but refused.

The witness added that the defendant was treating her daughter with caution and was not as violent as she was accusing.

Dar es Salaam police station initially received a letter from a health inspector at Dar es Salaam Hospital, who had lost a dead child, and found that the consequences of torture and torture had occurred on the child's body, refused to grant a funeral permit, and informed the police department of the incident.

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