The US stock market continues to decline in early trading on Tuesday

Dow Jones Industrial Average declined by 430 points as technical shares continued trading.

With all the losses at the beginning of today's trading, all three indices eradicated this year in connection with the decline in technology and Internet-related shares.

The "target" dropped by 14.2% at the beginning of the session and the results for the previous quarter were weaker than expected, and Boeing dropped by more than 4% after the company canceled a conference call to discuss the systems on the "Max 737" They killed about 189 people last month.

Economic data today revealed that the number of building permits issued in the United States dropped in October at a pace that is in line with expectations.

By 14:34 GMT Dow Jones dropped by more than 1.7% to 24,583.2 points and lost 434 points.

The Standard & Poor's 500 lost 1.4% to 2,522.4 points and Nasdaq posted more than 1.9% to 6,891.6 points.

The industrial index dropped 400 points yesterday, and the technology index lost more than 3% of its value.

During today's trading, the main dollar index, which followed the performance of US paper against 6 currencies, was 0.3% to 96.502.

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